​Recently we became aware of a rumor circulating about Huckleberry Swamp. Apparently someone is saying that 15 bears were brought in on a truck from New Jersey and released at Huckleberry Swamp. We are not sure why this rumor was started but we can assure you that NO bears have been released at Huckleberry Swamp. Bears can walk in on their own but we are definitely NOT trucking them in from New Jersey or anywhere else!

​If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Huckleberry Swamp is located from Route 104,

turn south on Brick Schoolhouse Road,

Take Brick Schoolhouse Road until it ends at Catchpole Road then turn right,

Huckleberry Swamp is just ahead on the left.

HUCKLEBERRY SWAMP........ A Walk Through Nature

The Olga Fleisher Ornithological Foundation proudly manages this 79 acres of diverse, high quality wetlands for bird and wildlife habitat conservation. Huckleberry Swamp provides significant functions including storm water retention, groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat, and possibly rare plant habitat. Resulting values include water quality improvement and opportunities for recreation, education, and aesthetic appreciation (Environmental Design & Research , P.C. 1999).