Huckleberry Swamp

In the Fall of 2001 we finished Phase 1 of construction of a wildlife observation deck and boardwalk that meanders through a variety of wetland habitats including emergent marsh, Green Ash Wetland, and Red Maple Wetland.

Wayne County, New York

On 75 acres, this Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary hosts a great variety of migratory and year-round resident birds due to its habitat diversity. On a visit, one would be likely to run into Great Blue Heron, American Bittern, Red-headed Woodpecker, Eastern Phoebe, Cedar Waxwing, and Eastern Bluebird.

Sumter County, Florida

This 68 acres of forested wetlands serves as a Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary that is home to more than 50 bird, 14 mammal, 16 fish, 16 amphibian, and 26 reptile species, including the endangered Gopher Tortoise, Gopherus polypnemus. 

We maintain a special focus on wildlife and ecology in wetland arenas. Over the years, we have purchased several wetland properties for the purpose of habitat conservation. We proudly manage these properties with preservation, education, and visitor appreciation in mind.